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The Intramuros Walls

The historic walls of Intramuros once enclosed the lush colonial Spanish community during the Spanish Era. Intramuros was built over the precolonial Islamic community in Manila and was then transformed into a city fortress. 

Manila skyline as seen from the walls.
 Majority of  the walls are still standing with some parts restored. A visit to the walls will bring you to the old Manila scene mixed with the present day modernities. From the walls, you will be able to see various iconic sights including the Manila City Hall, Manila Bulletin Office, National Museum and Manila Hotel to name a few. 

The National Museum viewed from the walls

Manila City Hall as seen from the walls

Manila Bulletin Office

One may walk alongside the walls or on the walls itself. A stroll alongside the walls will bring you to a trip to the old Manila with the feel of old grandeur and will make you reminisce those history lessons manifesting the beauty of the old colonial past. Several artifacts like cannons and old calesas may be seen from the grilled dungeons of the walls. 

Walking alongside the walls.

Hundred year old cannons on display within the walls.

Above the walls where visitors may sit and relax.

Walking above the walls.

 When visiting the walls, make sure to come on a cloudy day because there are few trees and canopies to offer shade on a hot summer day. Make it on an afternoon when its windy to make the experience even better. Many lovers come here on afternoons so be used to the sight of sweet couples. Also, there are  police stations around the walls but they can not always guard the visitors all the time so always be wary of pickpocketers guised as street children and other various forms. 

To summarize it all:

Cleanliness: Good
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Total Satisfaction: Good

Things to Remember
1. Charges

2. Schedule

3. Ramps

4. Getting There
        The LRT is  the easiest way to go there getting of from the Central Terminal.

5. For more information you may visit the Intramuros Administration website: 

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